Where to Enjoy a Delicious Dinner in Paris

If you stop for a few days in Paris then you must make sure you choose the right places for eating. That’s why we are here, to show you where to enjoy a delicious dinner in this beautiful European metropolis. Just continue to read this article in order to find out more.



This restaurant is actually named after the Napoleonic bee motif, and it has been awarded 2 Michelin stars for the special cuisine that mixes plenty of fresh vegetables and grand ingredients. Chef Cristophe Moret is the one who runs this place and what he does is absolutely amazing. Dress up in order to match the beautiful and elegant setting while you enjoy a delicious dinner and overlook at the splendid gardens from this place.


Le Petit Retro

Le Petit Retro is a lovely restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you will certainly feel very comfortable while enjoying an extremely delicious dinner. The flowery tiles and vintage coffee machine are attractive and quite interesting at the same time, and the old-fashioned dishes are surely in the spotlight. It is recommended to make a reservation ahead of time as this place is very busy most of the time.



David Rathgeber, the chef from here, prepares incredibly delicious dishes, most of them traditional, such as foie gras with pork-knuckle rillettes. The menu at L’Assiette also includes sea bream tartare with coriander and green tomato. Furthermore, you must not forget to try the fantastic crème caramel.


Guy Savoy

In order to make sure you spend your money wisely you should play it safe and choose the restaurants that have a good reputation and plenty of good customer reviews. Guy Savoy is without a doubt one of them, and we strongly recommend to anyone who travels to Paris. As your first course you should order the black truffle soup and artichoke, and then choose any dish you want as everything tastes amazing. Keep in mind that the reservation must be made online.


Chez Dumonet

If you want to eat well in Paris but with little money, then you should choose this century-old bistro. Everything here is delicious, and Chez Dumonet has plenty of good customer reviews. You will need to book a table in advance, and as a recommendation you should try the Grand Marnier souffle .

Pierre Gagnaire

The French cuisine has been reinvented these days, and one of the best results you will find at this gorgeous restaurant in Paris. The pared-back dining room offers the right stage for a panoply of excellent dishes, from delicious appetisers to a whirlwind of desserts, all of them propelled by a fleet of lithe waiters. The food at Pierre Gagnaire comes with perfect seasoning and a large variety of textures and flavours as well. Therefore, if you travel to Paris then you should have in mind to book a table at this restaurant, at least for one evening.


Finding the right restaurant in Paris is without a doubt very confusing for many travellers. That’s why we try to help you by offering some tips, exactly as we did in this article, hoping that you will make the right choice and have a fantastic time in the city of lights.